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Many women report that their placenta capsules have helped them with increased milk supply and decreased feelings of imbalance.

 We're here to help you choose the preparation options that are best for you.    

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Maria Pokluda and Maryn Taylor provide professional placenta encapsulation services for families in Abilene, using a temperature-controlled medical courier service to transport placentas to our workspace in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  

How does this process work?

1.  Place your order online and choose the options that you'd like.  (Smoothie drops are not available for shipment to Abilene - they tend to melt a little, which makes a mess in transit.  We're working on a solution!)

2.  We'll ship you a special transport kit that includes a shipping box with a cooling engine and Ziploc bags.

3.  Welcome your baby!  Ask your provider to package the placenta in the Ziploc bags (it's best to double bag it).

4.  Put the double-bagged placenta into the box and activate the cooling engine by pressing the button.

5.  Drop the box at a FedEx drop-off location or call us to arrange to have it picked up.  (Generally, if you can drop it off, it will get to us more quickly, as we can only request pickup on the next business day.)

6.  We'll receive your placenta and process it, then return the products you've chosen by FedEx.  When we ship it, you'll get a tracking number via email so you can keep tabs on where your pills are.  Depending on what day of the week your baby is born, it can take up to 5 days for you to have your pills in hand (one day for the placenta to be delivered to us, one day - or sometimes two - for it to process, and one day for return shipping.  Add in a holiday or a weekend, and that's how it could take five days.)


A few questions we get...


Have you done this before?  

Yes!  We've had a number of placentas come to us via medical courier services and it's always gone smoothly.

Is this legal?  

Yes!  In Texas, the law states that your placenta belongs to you.  Because we use a medical courier service, they are used to transporting all manner of medical specimens and this is a typical type of delivery for them.

Why use a company in Dallas-Ft. Worth?  

We work as a team, we always have someone on call to receive placentas and begin processing them immediately, we have a proven track record of quality and timely work.  DFW Placenta opened in September 2015, and as of August 2016, nearly 200 families have trusted us with their placentas - not counting the ones we did before we teamed up!

Think about it like this: it's the exact same process we use for our in-town clients - we generally use a courier to pick up the placenta and we often return the pills via FedEx if they're far from our office.  Except for the super-high-tech packaging that we send you, the process is no different than how we serve families in DFW.

Why Abilene?  


We share office space with Dr. Courtney Gowin of Free To Be Chiropractic and owner of the NEST, who is an Abilene native.  She mentioned that she wished we could serve her friends there.

Additionally, we are friends with Hailie Wolfe of Doula Abilene, who was looking for a way to get her clients' placentas encapsulated.  Talking with her made us realize just how hard it was to find someone to do it safely and reliable in Abilene and throughout The Big Country.  

It started to feel like we heard about Abilene needing someone who could do encapsulations every time we turned around, so we did some testing and figured out how to make it work!  We're thrilled to serve families that might not otherwise have the option to have their placenta encapsulated because of a lack of local providers.


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