Weatherford Regional Medical Center - Thank You!

You may have seen the photos we took last week from our trip to Weatherford Regional Medical Center.  When we posted those on our Facebook and Instagram sites, we got PMs from our friends asking “did you really go to Weatherford to pick up a placenta?!”  We absolutely did.  (If you missed them, don't despair - you can see them here in this blog post.)

Weatherford Regional Medical Center is an hour’s drive from our workspace and luckily for us, the baby was born early on Friday morning, which meant we could drive out there together.  (We reserve our Fridays for working together, so we decided to make this a Workday on Wheels.) 

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The hospital is easy to find and is in the process of being updated.  The labor and delivery waiting room is pretty already, so I’ll be curious to see how nice it looks when they’re finished!  There’s free parking right outside the entrance and a Starbucks in the lobby, so we were able to grab a yummy drink for the drive home.

The placenta was packed up neatly in our transportation kit, and we tucked it inside our plastic cooler filled with ice to keep it safe and fresh for the trip back to our placenta studio.  The nurses made it so easy for this family to keep their placenta and even asked us a few great questions about why women would choose to take placenta capsules.

Maria and I consider ourselves regulars at lots of the area hospitals, so it was a fun adventure to go to one that neither of us had been to before!  We believe that every woman who wants to have her placenta turned into placenta pills should have access to safe, professional encapsulation, and we were delighted to make this happen for an awesome mom in Weatherford!