Our goal is to provide families with quality encapsulation services in a safe, efficient manner.  Working together, we ensure that your placenta receives the utmost care.


We're a little obsessed with safety.

We use proper refrigeration and transportation protocols.

We partner with a medical courier service to offer 24/7 pickup of your placenta immediately following birth.

We have commercial workspace dedicated specifically to placenta encapsulation.

We disinfect our workspace with a concentrated bleach solution before and after we do any work.

We follow detailed written processing protocols to ensure your safety and ours.

We only process one placenta at a time so there is no risk of cross-contamination or confusion.

We use single-use equipment whenever possible.

We wear personal protective equipment including lab coat, apron, gloves, face mask, hair cover, and goggles.

We have food handlers' certificates valid in the State of Texas.

We have successfully completed bloodborne pathogen training designed specifically for placenta encapsulators.


We offer a variety of options to fit your individual needs.

Our encapsulation methods include both Raw and Traditional Method (TM).  With Raw, we slice your placenta and dehydrate at 160 degrees.  With Traditional Method (TM), we steam your placenta and then dehydrate at 145 degrees. Using TM, we can also incorporate your choice of ginger, lemon, and jalapeno (or frankincense and myrrh) into the steaming process so that your placenta is infused with those ingredients. 

Our standard package includes your placenta capsules along with a dosing and storage guide.

We have several add-on options, including a tincture, smoothie drops, postpartum herbal bath, or Mother's Broth.  The add-on that's a favorite of our clients is the option is a custom-blended salve that we create using some of your placenta powder.  The salve is created using a blend of organic herb-infused oils and beeswax.  You can also choose to have essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, or helichrysum blended in; if there's another oil you'd like included, we'll do our best to make that happen. 

Our staff includes a postpartum doula and belly binding experts who can provide services in your home.  We understand that families need support beyond when baby is born, and we're here to help.  We also work closely with other experts in our community and will help you find the resources you need as you adjust to life with your new baby.