What are the steps in this process?

1.  If services are reserved in advance of your birth, we mail you our innovative transportation kit, which includes a cooler, Ziploc bags, and an instruction sheet.  

2.  Take the kit with you to your birth place.  If this is a hospital, let the nurses know when you check in that you want to keep the placenta.  Let them know again after the baby is born.

3.  Welcome your sweet baby!

4.  Call us, and we'll come pick up your placenta.  (If you haven't reserved services in advance, we'll bring a cooler with us and put your placenta into our cooler.)

5.  Snuggle your baby!  We'll be working on your products for about 24 - 48 hours.

6.  We'll call or text within 48 hours to let you know your products are ready and to let you know when you can expect them.  Generally, you can expect your products in 48 - 72 hours.

7.  We are on call to answer any questions that you might have after you start taking your capsules.  Seriously - if you have a question, please email, call, or text us right away!  Also, if you need a referral to a postpartum resource, we're happy to connect you with someone who can help.  This includes belly binding, postpartum doulas, lactation consultants, cloth diapering experts, newborn photographers, and more!


WHAT is the cost for your service?

Placenta encapsulation cost begins at $225 for our transportation kit, 24/7 on-call pickup service, and encapsulation in vegetarian capsules.  If you'd like to add-on services such as a tincture (which we highly recommend!), salve, herbal bath, placenta print, or others, the cost increases slightly.


Do you charge more for twins?

Absolutely not!  It's our pleasure to encapsulate your twins' placentas.  One option we offer is to have one placenta encapsulated using the raw method and the other using the traditional method (steamed).  If you'd like to take advantage of this option, just let us know in the notes field when you order your package.  

We wrote a blog post about encapsulating twin placentas (including a photo of a beautiful product package we created for one of our clients) - read it here: Twins!



If our services are reserved in advance of the baby's birth, we will mail you our unique transportation kit that includes instructions, Ziploc bags for the placenta and for ice, and a brand new insulated cooler bag (we dispose of the cooler and bags after they are used).

If you're outside the immediate Dallas-Ft. Worth area, we'll ship you a different type of packaging that includes a cooling engine, along with a shipping label and instructions.  Don't worry - it's really easy!  We work with a service that uses temperature-controlled shipping to keep your placenta perfect until it arrives.

If our services are not reserved in advance: A cooler to properly store the placenta until it is picked up.  DFW Placenta's contact information (call 844-PLACNTA).  

A hospital or birth center is likely to require you to sign a consent form approved by the Texas Department of Health Services so that they can release your placenta to you.  The most recent version of the form is here if you want to take a copy with you.


Where do you pick up?

We pick up at every hospital, birthing center, and home in the Metroplex.  We also partner with a medical transport service to pick up placentas outside of the immediate Dallas-Ft. Worth area.  So far, we've prepared placentas from Greenville, Weatherford, Midland, Texarkana, Lubbock, and Abilene.  We hope to do one from your city very soon!


Why choose DFW Placenta?

Maria and Maryn have worked together on other birth-related projects, and we decided to team up to ensure that you have an amazing placenta encapsulation experience.  DFW Placenta has dedicated workspace just for processing placentas!  We also work together to ensure there's always someone on call to pick up when you're ready.  We follow rigorous guidelines to ensure your safety, using detailed checklists so our process is thorough and consistent.


can you tell me about your training?

Absolutely!  Maria completed a hands-on training and apprenticeship with a licensed midwife, and has prepared more than 400 placentas; she also received training and was formerly certified through APPA, the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts.  Maryn was trained and formerly certified by APPA, the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts.  She was the first APPA certified professional in Texas and in in the past, served as an APPA Mentor + Trainer, where she worked with students pursuing certification as placenta encapsulators.  

Both of us have completed OSHA bloodborne pathogen training and have food handlers' cards, which provided additional instruction on safe handling of your placenta and avoiding any risk of cross contamination.

Our training is a topic we are passionate about!  We take your safety - and ours! - seriously, and our training and certification reflects that commitment.


I forgot to make a reservation.  Can you help?

Absolutely!  We are always happy to take last minute calls, even if your baby's already here!  Put your placenta on ice or in the refrigerator, and give us a call.  (Placentas are good for up to 72 hours as long as they're kept cool, and longer if they've been frozen.)


How do I know that the pills I receive are from my placenta?

Your placenta gets all our attention!  We only work on one placenta at a time.  We make sure that your placenta is tagged with your name at the time of pickup and it remains labelled with your name throughout every step of our process.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical practice, and we want to make sure that you're getting all of the benefits from your precious placenta - we would never return anything to you that wasn't yours.


Where do you process my placenta?

We offer processing in our dedicated placenta workspace.  We believe that this offers the ultimate in safety and convenience, as we can begin processing your placenta immediately after your baby is born and have your products ready quickly, often on the same day that you arrive home from the hospital. 

We formerly offered processing in our clients' homes, but we found that this was often inconvenient - we take over your kitchen for a few hours on two separate days, we leave a dehydrator running that needs to remain untouched, and someone has to be home for us to be there which can prove difficult if mom or baby are delayed in the hospital or are leaving to go to doctors' appointments.


Is the process safe?

Safety is our top priority.  Here are the ways we ensure that your placenta is safe:

We use proper refrigeration and transportation protocols.

We are thoroughly trained and highly experienced.  We bring our knowledge and experience to every placenta that we process.

We have a dedicated workspace where we process your placenta.

We only work on one placenta at a time.

Our preparation area and all reusable equipment is sanitized according to OSHA and EPA guidelines.

We use single-use, disposable items whenever possible.

A copy of our sanitation protocol is available for your review: Sanitation Protocol


Can my placenta be encapsulated if there's meconium?  If I have a Caesarean birth?  If my baby is premature?  If I am induced?

In almost every case, yes!


When and where do you pick up?

When your baby arrives, give us a call and one of our placenta preparation specialists (or our medical courier service) will pick up your placenta from your birth location.  We pick up your placenta the same day that you give birth or as soon as you request our services.  Even if you wait until after your baby is born to decide to encapsulate, we will happily accommodate your request.  We offer 24/7 on-call pickup, 365 days a year.


How do I receive my placenta products?

Your package of personal placenta products will be returned to you via FedEx shipping (we'll email you the tracking number) or delivered by someone on our team.  We will be in touch to let you know when to expect your products.


What is in my placenta pills?

Your capsules are 100% finely ground placenta without any additives.  We offer either unflavored vegetarian or flavored gelatin capsules, depending on your preference.


WHAT are my capsule choices?

We offer two options: vegetarian capsules or flavored gelatin capsules, either in size 0.  The vegetarian capsules are clear and the flavored capsules are berry (opaque purple).  

The flavored capsules can really help with the aftertaste if that is something that you've noticed when taking other supplements and since they're opaque, they disguise the contents if you're concerned about seeing the placenta powder.


Do you have gluten free capsules?

Yes!  Our vegetarian capsules are made of hydroxyproplmethylcellulose, which is used in gluten free items to replace the gluten and in vegetarian/vegan foods to replace the gelatin.


What is A tincture?

Your tincture contains your placenta and high quality vodka.  The mother tincture is stored for at least six weeks, and then can be strained.  We provide a dropper bottle for ease of dosing.  The tincture preserves the contents of the placenta almost indefinitely, and can be used in times of hormonal imbalance.  Some women use theirs when their menstrual cycle returns or as they enter into menopause.  Because your capsules are suggested for use within six to eight weeks after your baby's birth, the tincture gives you a way to extend the benefits you experience from your placenta preparation for a longer period of time.


Have a question that we didn't answer here?  Send us a message and we'll reply promptly.

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