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Many women report that their placenta capsules have helped them with increased milk supply and decreased feelings of imbalance.

 We're here to help you choose the preparation options that are best for you.  Choose your preferred preparation location, your preferred encapsulation method, and your choice of additional services to make the perfect postpartum package.    

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Maria Pokluda and Maryn Taylor provide professional placenta encapsulation services in North Dallas, with your choice of preparation in your home or in our private placenta studio.  We have space exclusively dedicated to processing placentas and we guarantee that your placenta package will be on the way back to you within 48 hours of the time we pick it up.  

We work on call 24/7 and partner with a medical courier service to make sure that there's always someone on call to pick up your precious placenta as soon as your baby is born.

Why choose Dallas-Ft. Worth Placenta?

Put simply, we're different.  We work as a team to make sure that your placenta is handled quickly, safely, and with the utmost of care.  Because we process many placentas each month, we're able to have around the clock coverage and dedicated space where we prepare your placenta pills.  Our workspace is located in North Dallas (Carrollton, specifically) and is unique to the area.

Maria was one of North Texas' first placenta encapsulators, and learned from a hands-on apprenticeship with a midwife.  Maryn was Texas' first encapsulator certified by the Association of Placenta Preparation Arts (APPA) and learned from an intense training program that took nearly nine months of study.  Together, we've processed over 400 placentas and we're ready to take care of yours!

Our clients report that their placenta pills help them feel more balanced and have more energy during the postpartum period.

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