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Many women report that their placenta capsules have helped them with increased milk supply and decreased feelings of imbalance.

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Maria Pokluda and Maryn Taylor provide professional placenta encapsulation services in Plano, with your choice of preparation in your home or in our private placenta studio.  We have space exclusively dedicated to processing placentas and most placentas are processed and ready within 48 hours - meaning your pills are on their way back to you before you've even left the hospital!

We pick up from all Plano hospitals, birth centers, and homes, including:

Plano Presbyterian Hospital at 6200 West Parker Rd., Plano, TX 75093 | 972-981-8000 (link to review)

Medical Center of Plano

Plano Birthplace - midwives in Plano, coming very soon!  


Other professionals we recommend in and around Plano include:

Acupuncture - Bunzo Takamatsu, Preston Royal Clinic.  12700 Preston Rd., ste 255, Dallas, TX 75230

Pediatrician - Shine Pediatrics, 3535 Victory Group Way, ste 305, Frisco, TX 75034

Pediatrician - Forest Lane Pediatrics, 6300 W. Parker Rd., ste 126, Plano, TX 75093

Midwives - Plano Birthplace, 5172 Village Creek Dr., Plano, TX 75093


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